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The End

Well, for this journal anyways.  After this Sunday I'm no longer going to be using this journal, I will be switching over completely to the elycium  journal.  So if you haven't added that one yet, please do, as I will be adding all of the ones I haven't gotten to yet in the next two days. :3


Jan. 14th, 2010

- Finish tailoring top of dress for Sakura
- serge everything

- cut out hat, collar, and cuffs
- sew hat, collar, and cuffs
- attach sleeves to top
- attach top to skirt of dress
- finish cutting out apron
- finish sewing apron
- buy snaps
- sew apron bow
- touch up / re-style wig (That's if I can still find it with jenni continually shuffling all of my stuff around).

I'm so bringing my sewing machine to the con.  if only for the fucking hat. >>;

I really need a happy icon....

First off, Merry Christmas / Happy Yule / Happy whatever-you-celebrate! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and that you all stuff yourself silly on good food and have fun with your friends and family.

Second off... I got a serger for christmas! Meg videotaped me opening it. I actually let out a squeal of delight. I sounded like a three year old. It was funny. I might post the video on facebook later. I've been toying with it a little. I love it. I'm so going to need Jess teach me how to thread it because the manual leaves out like half of the steps. It came pre-threaded with white, so for now I'm okay. XD I'm still going to ask her to teach me how to use it better though.

From now until Ohayocon marks what I have decided to call the sewpocalypse. Namely because I have a godawful amount of sewing to get done before both Setsu and Ohayo. Its going to be fine though. I just have to keep telling myself that. XD At least Kat's costume is mostly finished. She wore her wig around the christmas eve party last night. My Da's friend saw her with it on and then he saw her later with her natural hair, was confused and decided he needed more to drink.

Speaking of drink.. my da makes a KILLER spiked punch. I think my mom had three glasses before she decided to stop. I lost count of how many I had, but I was getting fairly toasted. Added to my buttercup and rum and coke, and it was a pretty good night. XD I didn't wake up until 9ish. Christmas supper out at my mom's tonight. Until then... back to the sewing room!

Kurokiiro and a Concert

Now that I've had sufficient time to recover... kind of, I think I should at least post something. XD

Kurokiiro was awesome. Helen, my GPS, got me lost on the way in because the Fort Pitt bridge (or whatever its called, we refer to it as the Bridge of Death) is evil.  So after some random turn arounds and what not, I finally made it to the hotel. The first person I saw, I kid you not, was thepatches . And the reason she was the first person I saw is because there was no way you could NOT see that much glitter.  She's amazing and made my day with her Edward costume. She also got Kat, Nobi, and I planning on doing Alice, Jasper and either Jane or Bella (I haven't decided yet) for Ohayocon just so we can wear glitter too. XD

I met the other two judges, whose LJ names I do not know, but they were a lot of fun to hang out with / talk to.  It was really nice seeing a lot of old friends who I didn't get to see last year since I missed tekko.  Like Gogal, Prager, Jeanie, and everyone else.  I <3 you guys.  I also met a lot of new people who I look forward to seeing again.  A bunch of them are now mutual friends on facebook.  I never thought I would say this, but yay facebook!  I even got to go to lunch with feytaline and one of the other cosplay judges (Candice, I think?).  And naturally, as soon as we sit down with our food, I think 25 more people from k-fest showed up.  Arbys, k-fest's fastfood of choice. XD  A lot of cute cosplays to be seen.  I really loved how none of the judges or DH for cosplay were dressed as anything anime related.  We had an Edward Cullen, a Miss Marvel, someone from Avatar (sorry I didn't follow the series), and Steampunk. XD  We all win.  But it was a lot of fun.

There were some pretty cool panels on both days that I managed to make it to.  Namely the dollfie panel, writing panel, how to start a con, how to start a cosplay, and opening ceremonies (not sure if that counts but it was fun). Oh and the lolita panel / fashion show.  That has definitely rekindled my want to make something pretty with ruffles and lace.  However, I think I look a lot better in the aristocrat aspect of the fashion, so eventually, maybe for tekko, I'll do something with that.

The only part of K-fest that suuuucked was trying to find my way to Patches' house.  The GPS took me into the ghetto instead.  I had a nervous breakdown and started crying because I was so lost.  And Patches' boyfriend, bless him, put up with me the whole time that it took to get me out of Pittsburgh and to the right location.  And then Patches and I stayed up for a while just talking about everything.  It was a lot of fun.  I can't wait for next year's Kurokiiro.

And now for the concert.  Jenni found out that Fireflight was coming to Erie, a band that my friend Tohru had turned me on to like maybe 3 weeks ago.  I love their music. Even though I'm not a really religious person (at all) I really enjoy their music and the message that some of their songs carry.  So Jenni bought us tickets to the Hope Tour, which had Fireflight, Remedy Drive, and Abandon all playing.

Abandon was okay, Remedy Drive was pretty damn cool, and Fireflight was AMAZING.  If the lead singer from Remedy Drive, or Dawn from Fireflight were preachers, I would attend church.  After / during each show, someone would talk about the Hope Tour, what their cause was, or read a little from the bible, or say a little prayer, and those two were amazing.  The girl that came out after Abandon was a prat who made me want to gag because she came off as whiney and "gimme money".  It sounded like one of those scams you see on tv where "for just dollars a month, we can feed a third world nation" but you know that if those kids get anything its pennies, if that. But yes, she couldn't do public speaking to save her life.  The other two, though, were awesome. 

And Fireflight... oh gods, they were good.  Dawn, their lead singer, was suffering from what seemed to be larengitis and she still poured so much energy and soul into the show that you didn't really notice, and if you did notice, it didn't matter.  Kat and I managed to squeeze up into the second row, it was great. I would love to see their show again. And all of the bands were really nice after the show, signing autographs and talking to the fans.  It made my week.

tl;dr: kurokiiro was awesome, so was the concert. will do again

9 was awesome! Really, really awesome. And I've already begun planning costumes from it. XD As Steph put it "...go figure XD" But really, the movie was great. And I'm not sure if I agree with the critics or not. They said that the movie would have been, artistically, better if they hadn't added speaking roles and made it like the short - a dialogue-less film. I'm not sure if I agree or not. On one hand, yes it would have been about 500% creepier without any speech, and they might have gotten away with it; but on the other hand, I don't think there would have been enough to work with without dialogue for the audience to get what they needed to, story-wise.

That little bit of indecision aside, the movie is epic and must be seen by all. And 7 is by far the most badass character. EVER. <3 Nobi! You have to be my 7! *makes sad puppy eyes* I'll make you a bird skull hat and a scalpel-spear. Meg and I are gonna be the twins. XD


I found Push to be an enjoyable movie. I like Dakota Fanning, and I hope media and other crap doesn't warp her like it has other stars, because that girl has a great deal of potential.

Also - look what I started on today XD. The bustle and train aren't done yet, my room got too warm to work in. But still, its coming along. And I've figured out how to do, at least, a simple bustle. This makes me happy.

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Jul. 16th, 2009

We're at otakon! The drive down was nice and not too horrible at all. Wednesday night with feytaline was a lot of fun. Among just talking and hanging out, we dyed her hair magenta.  She had a little bit left over, so we dyed a chunk of my bangs magenta as well. XD I love it.

So we got checked into the hotel, which is really nice actually (I was pleasantly surprised). The hotel staff seem pretty excited for the convention too, which is a plus.  We went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory after chilling out for a while. They were expensive, but omfg, its worth it.  The small chicken salad was bigger than most larges up at home. I can't imagine what their large is like! And I totally want a slice of their cheesecake. It looks so tasty.

Then we went to the Vamps concert. Hyde and K.A.Z. and random bass guy who was so fucking hot.  XD  The concert has made everything on this trip worth it. It doesn't matter how long we stand in line for badges tomorrow, the concert was fucking worth it.  "DO YOU EAT CRABS? YUMMY YUMMY!"  XD Hyde is so fucking cute.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to buy a ticket to go on board the Constellation, and maybe one of the other ships down here. It will totally be worth it for some steampunk photos.

And now I'm going to crash. XD
Look at what I made! Not too bad for my first real foray into jewelry.


Nobi seems to think there could be a market. Maybe if I got better? What say the rest of you?